Efficiency of seedlings of plant seedlings with Hyplug

    Oil palm plants are generally cultivated until the age of 25-30 years. The age of oil palm plants in Indonesian oil palm plantations is relatively old so it needs to be rejuvenated. The process of replanting oil palm plantations will continue as many oil palm plantations enter an unproductive age. Plant rejuvenation cannot be separated from the procurement of quality oil palm seeds. Seeds are the basic capital to achieve high oil palm production. Oil palm nursery activities are carried out through 2 stages, namely the initial nursery and the main nursery. The initial seeding is carried out for 3 months and the main seeding is carried out for 12 months. To obtain oil palm seedlings with growth in accordance with standards is influenced by the planting medium and maintenance treatment applied in the nursery.

    Plant nurseries generally use seedling containers in the form of polybags. The use of baby polybags is considered less efficient because it requires considerable labor and costs in filling planting media. This efficiency can be achieved by replacing seedling containers that originally used polybags into seedling containers in the form of hyplugs. The use of hyplug can increase efficiency because it does not require labor to fill the planting media into polybags. The volume size of the hyplug is generally smaller when compared to polybags so it requires less seedling media. Hyplug is designed to have drainage holes at the base and / or at each corner so that it will facilitate air circulation at the roots of plants and facilitate drainage. In addition, hyplug also has the advantage that it can be used for more than 5 years, longer than polybags which are usually only disposable.

Hyplug Charging


1. Hyplug, hyplug size 51 cm x 34 cm arranged in a bed with a width of 1.02 m x length of 50.3 m.

2. Growing media. Planting media using top soil (depth 20-30 cm) mineral soil with clay texture, except in peat areas can use peat soil.

3. Rock phosphate fertilizer, mixed fertilizer on soil media

Charging equipment

1. Sieve and support pole, to obtain a homogeneous soil medium

2. Hoe, to help the sieving process

3. Scale, measuring fertilizer weight application


1. The soil is sifted with a wire sieve of 2 cm to keep it clean from roots, grass, rocks and other debris.
2. Mix the soil with rock phosphate at a dosage of 5 grams for 24 holes (1 hyplug)
3. Soil and fertilizer are mixed until homogeneous
4. Pre-mixed soil is distributed from the sieving site to the hyplug filling place
5. Fill the hyplug with the soil media that has been mixed earlier until full
6. Hyplug is arranged to the beds


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