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Maintenance of Oil Palm seedlings at the Main Nursery stage

          One of the advantages of double stage breeding is a more controlled culling, this makes the effectiveness of seedlings that reach the field indeed normal seedlings and according to criteria. This saves costs that must be incurred for maintenance because trees that do not meet the criteria are immediately discarded or destroyed. Other maintenance activities are also more to do. The maintenance of oil palm seeds at the main nursery stage are: Spray fertilizers and pests diseases           Spraying is an activity to provide active ingredients to plants by spraying depending on the purpose of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Spraying fertilizers and pests using Bayfolan compound leaf fertilizer containing nutrients N, P, and K mixed with fungicides. The mixture used is the same, namely 2 cc / L of water with a dose of 12000 mL / 400 principal or 30 ml / tree. Fertilization     Fertilization is an activity to meet the nutrient needs of agricultural plants so tha

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